This application has been withdrawn or rejected. It may no longer be relevant


Framework Plan (condition 10) |  Vale Link 

Discharge of condition 10 (Framework Plan) on application P14/V2873/O.
(Outline planning application for a residential development of up to 4,254 dwellings, …)

Application consists of a letter, which concludes:
Based on the information provided with this application, we are of the view that sufficient detail has been submitted to allow the discharge of Condition 10 of permission ref. P14/V2873/O.
The present cover letter includes details to address the requirements of Condition 10 (Framework Plan) of permission ref. P14/V2873/O and demonstrate how the submitted information will ensure the development is carried out in an adequate manner for Phase 1 of the overall site. Should the Council require any additional information to be provided, please let us know at your earliest convenience.
Application Progress (as of 8 July 2022)
Date Received  28th March 2022
Registration Date  28th March 2022
Target Decision Date  9th May 2022
Decision Rejected on 30th June 2022

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